Domo-Kun Astronaut Domo Building Block Set

  • $9.99

Domo-kun is a small brown-furred bipedal creature who acts as the mascot of the Japanese public broadcasting company NHK. He looks like a strange monster - he has a stout body, short limbs and a flat noseless face consisting of a perpetually-open mouth filled with sharp teeth, and a pair of black button-shaped eyes. Despite his somewhat frightening appearance - mostly provoked by the teeth - he's actually a friendly and gentle fellow. He was born from an egg and lives in an underground cave with a bear and a wise rabbit.

Sometimes you just have to come out of the cave and unleash your inner adventurer. And why not experience the wonders of space? Astronaut Domo model is fun to build, play with and put on display for all to admire. Makes a great collectible for yourself and the Domo fan.

ABS plastic

assembly required
includes 141-piece building set
assembled dimension: 3.73 x 4.09 x 2.54 inches (9.40 x 10.30 x 6.40 cm)
compatible with original from Denmark
for ages 6 and up
cpsc choking hazard warnings: choking hazard small parts
item comes pre-boxed
collectible box size: 6.55 x 7.15 x 2.38 inches (16.50 x 18.00 x 6.00 cm)

Manufacturer: SEMBO Block (Guangdong Sembo Culture Industry Co., Ltd) 
Licensed through ©NHK · dwarf. All Rights Reserved.
Certification: CE, FCC, RoHS
Item No. 612501

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