Tangled Rapunzel Enchanted Hair Princess Earrings

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"Rapunzel" is a German fairy tale most notably recorded by the Brothers Grimm and published in 1812. "Rapunzel" tells the story of a couple struggling to conceive a child, their miracle child Rapunzel, and the wicked witch who kidnaps and imprisons the young and beautiful Rapunzel in a lonely tower.

Step into a fairy tale with these exquisite earrings featuring the enchanting Rapunzel. Adorned in a charming blue dress, she playfully twirls her towering blonde hair, awaiting her Prince Charming. These high-end costume jewelry earrings are a creation of N2 by Les Néréides, drawing inspiration from the timeless classic by the Grimm Brothers. Crafted from gold-plated brass, these earrings boast a hand-enameled resin and an intricate openwork design.

(Available in types of clip-on earrings, which are suitable for non-pierced ears.)

gold-plated brass, hand-enameled

length: 5.00 cm
width: 4.28 cm
depth: 1.70 cm
weight: 11 g

Item No. ASCE1011

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