Tangled Rapunzel Enchanted Hair Princess and Prince Charm Necklace

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"Rapunzel" is a German fairy tale most notably recorded by the Brothers Grimm and published in 1812. "Rapunzel" tells the story of a couple struggling to conceive a child, their miracle child Rapunzel, and the wicked witch who kidnaps and imprisons the young and beautiful Rapunzel in a lonely tower.

Trapped by an evil witch, Rapunzel waits for the one who can save her. Can Prince Charming on his beautiful white horse rescue her from her dungeon? Long golden hair and the power of true love will be the key to a happy ending. Magic, enchanted braids and a proud hero on his steed are all part of this fairytale collection by N2.

(Gold-plated brass, faceted crystal set with claws and fine gold-plated chain.)

gold-plated brass, hand-enameled

length: 45.00 cm
extension: 5.00 cm
width: 1.80 cm
depth: 0.60 cm
weight: 7.50 g

Item No. ASCE3021

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