Puss in Boots Charming Cat in a Red Boot Pendant Necklace

  • $72.99

"Puss in Boots" (French: Le Maître chat ou le Chat botté) is a European fairy tale about an anthropomorphic cat who uses trickery and deceit to gain power, wealth, and the hand in marriage of a princess for his penniless and low-born master.

The renowned enchanting cat, inspired by Charles Perrault's Franco-Italian fairytale, is concealed within a red boot in this designer jewelry pendant necklace. Dangling from a delicate gold-plated chain, be captivated by the black fur and pink cheeks of this delightful cat and incorporate its captivating colors into your style. Crafted from gold-plated brass, hand-enameled resin and a fine gold-plated chain.

gold-plated brass, hand-enameled

length: 50.00 cm
extension: 5.00 cm
width: 3.80 cm
depth: 0.95 cm
weight: 8.50 g

Item No. ASCC3011

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