Peanuts® Snoopy Masked Marvel Motorcycle Repair Workshop Building Block Set

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DESCRIPTION LiNooS X Peanuts® Snoopy™
The "Masked Marvel" is one of Snoopy's popular alter egos. He was introduced in the strip from February 9, 1967. As the "Masked Marvel", Snoopy usually wears a black domino mask. On rare occasions, he also wears a cloak.

Snoopy takes on the alter ego of the "Masked Marvel", competing in a motocross race. Snoopy stops by the motorcycle repair workshop. It comprises of two interconnected sections - a motorcycle repair station and a filling station.

Comes with Snoopy LiNooS figurine.

Containing 74 high-quality and rich-in-lustre parts that combine with each other to ensure a firm structure and good hand feel, is compatible with the Danish famous building blocks brands. The easy-to-disassemble parts possess superior quality the same as the renowned brands. According to classification, parts are packaged separately for you to use when assembling, which offers more time and affordable parts you need. Packed in graphic boxes, the product is suitable for kids over 5 years old.

ABS plastic

assembly required
number of pieces: 74
motorcycle assembled dimension: 1.47 x 2.58 x 0.87 inches (3.70 x 6.50 x 2.20 cm)
repair workshop assembled dimension: 2.66 x 6.55 x 5.00 inches (6.70 x 16.50 x 12.60 cm)
compatible with original from Denmark
suggested age: 5 years and up
cpsc choking hazard warnings: choking hazard small parts
item comes pre-boxed
collectible box size: 5.36 x 7.54 x 1.59 inches (13.50 x 19.00 x 4.00 cm)

Manufacturer: LiNooS® Ltd
Certification: CE, EN71, CPC, ASTM
Copyright reserved Peanuts Worldwide LLC
Item No. LN8069

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