Fairy Tale Snow White Seven Dwarf's Forest Cottage Mini Particle Building Block Set

  • $28.99

Snow White is a German fairy tale, written by the Brothers Grimm. Wicked queen consults her magical mirror and learns that her beautiful stepdaughter, Snow White, is now the “fairest in the land.” Instantly resentful, the queen enlists a woodsman to murder Snow White, but he cannot commit the act and exhorts the young girl to escape. In the forest Snow White discovers a cottage inhabited by seven eccentric dwarfs, who warmly welcome her into their home after she offers to cook and clean for them. The queen eventually learns of Snow White's whereabouts and, disguising herself as an old hag, fatally poisons her stepdaughter with a tainted apple. The heartbroken dwarfs stand guard over the girl's body until a handsome prince restores her to life with a kiss.

Stop by for a visit at Seven Dwarf's Forest Cottage with this LOZ Fairy Tale set. The cottage has been built in the shape of a boot. Despite its whimsical appearance, it's a functional home with kitchen, cozy bed room, and balcony. The cottage opens at the back for easy access to the authentic details inside, including an oven, a table for Snow White and Seven Dwarfs. Includes 2 mini-doll figures and 1 animal figure.

704-mini bricks in vivid colors make this a delightful building experience. It's easy to assemble without the need for special tools. This item will be shipped with the original packaging.

LOZ mini block is one form of tiny blocks, resemble Legos but smaller; bigger than micro-diamond/nano blocks. LOZ mini blocks come in a variety of different colors and are made of safe materials. The corners are adjusted and smooth. Each LOZ block is easy to connect together using a framework that is similar to Lego's. These types of blocks can be described as adorable and fun to play with.

ABS plastic

assembly required
includes 704-piece building set
assembled dimension: 5.96 x 4.37 x 3.37 inches (15.00 x 11.00 x 8.50 cm)
the blocks are 3/4 of the size of a traditional block, not compatible with original from Denmark
the smallest bricks are 12 x 12 mm
for ages 6 and up
cpsc choking hazard warnings: choking hazard small parts
collectible box size: 5.96 x 7.94 x 3.18 inches (15.00 x 20.00 x 8.00 cm)
item comes pre-boxed

Manufacturer: LOZ Ltd.
Certification: CE, FCC
Item No. 1226

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